About Jessica Ward


Along with commercial photography, I have a background in marketing and sales and because of this, I now offer my marketing and social media services to local and international businesses and brands. 

I have loved photography since I was a child and have photographed in many styles but I found my main love for lifestyle and landscape photography during my first trip to New Zealand in 2014 and have been following this passion ever since. I work in conjunction with the natural elements of the environment, in order to create images that highlight the amazing landscapes that surround me. The majority of my photos are taken during 'golden hour' (just after sunrise and just before sunset), or during sunrise and sunset. I love capturing reflections, light water and long exposures.

While travelling through Canada and America in 2016, I was extremely fortunate to win a photography competition with Vodafone AU, which rewarded me with a travel voucher. With these winnings I travelled across Europe for nearly 3 months. This provided me with so many fantastic opportunities, new friendships and a lifetime of memories 

I now work with a number of tourism companies and brands, both internationally and locally. With this, I create photographs to showcase experiences, products and accommodation services, whilst also creating written content to help complement the visuals. 

My aim is to always step out of my comfort zone and explore as many unfamiliar locations as possible. There is no greater feeling than realising your own strengths and skills when you are alone in a foreign situation or environment. I've learnt to embrace the feeling of being uncomfortable because you can only learn from this and become stronger.

I hope to achieve a greater sense of appreciation of the world around me, the unfamiliar cultures and the all the amazing individuals that I meet along the way.

If I could be doing anything else in life, it would be spending all day baking!