Iceland Road Trip

My trip to Iceland was one of the best couple of weeks that I have had. Thanks to Couchsurfing, 5 strangers from all over the world met up in Reykjavik after a massive snowstorm and immediately became friends, spending each day travelling our way around Iceland, visiting an abundance of waterfalls, mountains, vast and isolated landscapes and viewing the sky as it danced for hours in the night.

To be a traveller you need to have a certain mindset, be adaptable and very open to new experiences. Meeting like-minded people along the way comes down to luck, the way you present yourself, and how you approach others. I'm incredibly lucky to have been able to explore Iceland with such wonderful people. I'm certain that this road trip wouldn't have been as good if it weren't for them.

During our trip, these people became so important. A travel friendship is so different to any other that you will experience in your life. A great deal of trust is put into these people, even if it's just for a temporary amount of time. But it will never be a friendship that is forgotten, they will always be in your memories because they were with you every step of the adventure.