Photography - The Road Less Comfy

I don’t believe that perfection can be achieved in a photograph. The circumstances will always change, the lighting can always be better, your technique will eventually improve. But that is what makes this creative outlet so amazing. No matter how unobtainable it may be, a photographer will still always strive for perfection, the perfect shot, the one that makes them stop and say ‘this is it’.

Chris Burkard, one of my main influencers once said, “In life there are no shortcuts to joy. Anything that is worth pursuing is going to require us to suffer just a little bit”. Photography makes you suffer. You lose sleep, as you wake before dawn to chase the sun. It leads to isolation as you are out exploring the world instead of sitting at that bar back home with all your friends. You are in a constant state of struggle and self doubt, as you tell yourself that you can be better, or you will never be as great as that other guy. You are out of your comfort zone when you are travelling foreign lands, not knowing a soul around you, a language, or a town.

But this is why photographers are different. We don’t care about these inconveniences, we strive to capture life as it is in this very moment, creating a memory and an image that does so much than just look pretty on Instagram. I think we are also desperate in a way. Desperate to live a life that is deemed unordinary. We want these memories and moments that you cannot buy, we want that perfect photo and we want to constantly experience the journey that will hopefully take us there.

I have spent multiple sleepless nights this year thinking about what I want out of life. An office job is not part that dream. I need to be outside, on a frozen hill at 5am waiting for first light, I want to spend 10 hours driving in the middle of nowhere, with no sense of direction, purely so I can stop along the way to capture landscapes that this incredible world has to offer. Hopefully this dream will one day become a reality.